Under 65 Health Insurance

Problems with Today's Health Insurance Market

Healthcare costs continue to increase, many individuals and businesses are moving towards high-deductibles and increased co-insurance on major medical plans in an effort to reduce costs.

While this approach reduces the cost of your health insurance, it puts you at greater financial risk. In fact, more than six in 10 adults who say they have problems paying their medical bills are covered by health insurance.

Consider a New Option to Health care with the Health Saver Plus Gold (HSP Gold)  Fixed Indemnity Plan through Philadelphia American 

We compare prices on almost everything we buy and we should be doing the same for healthcare. HSP Gold policy puts you the consumer in charge of your healthcare spending
dollars and rewards consumers who practice smart healthcare management.

No matter what the provider, doctor, or facility charges, your insurance benefits will pay you a fixed benefit. Therefore, a dedicated consumer who is aware of what their health-care costs are could receive excess benefit dollars directly in their pocket!

In today’s market where health insurance is often unavailable or unaffordable, with HSP Gold we can now design a policy that’s custom-designed for your needs, your budget while providing savings to your healthcare premiums.

Email us today to receive a quote (Not available in all states) .devin@goldenyearsdesign.com

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